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NBA Player Carlos Boozer Talks About His “Shoe Polish” Hair Disaster October, 2015

Stadium Goods Wants to Change the Way You Buy and Resell Sneakers October, 2015

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NFL Network Accidentally Airs Cincinnati Bengals Players Naked on Live Broadcast October, 2015

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NBA Game Story Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat; February, 2011

Sony Open Match Sofia Arvidsson vs. Bethanie Mattek-Sands; March, 2011

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College Basketball Column April, 2011

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Where to find it May, 2014

A Water View of Your Own June, 2014

Your 2014 Guide to Pools in Washington May, 2014

Fun Fitness Activities to Celebrate Mother’s Day May, 2014

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How Did a 7-Year-Old Boy Catch His Father’s PTSD? June, 2014

Bill Dean Would Like to Explain Himself April, 2014

War-Torn: CBS Reporter Cami McCormick’s Latest Story About Combat and Its Aftermath is Her Own July, 2014

Lessons In the Art of Dying March, 2014

Sweet Vindication: How Montgomery County Tackled Trans Fats First March, 2014


King Memorial honors life of civil rights leader December, 2012

Ceramic League exhibit highlights Biscayne theme November, 2012

Miami’s Bayside Marketplace gives tourists an entertaining experience September, 2012

Cruises, bay tours are excellent options for college student vacation groups October, 2012

Biscayne Bay’s Jungle Island offers animal interaction fun for whole family October, 2012

Miami Art Museum showcases modern, contemporary art, hosts Johnson exhibit November, 2012


Her photography work spans the globe November, 2012


A New Take on Activism November, 2010

Graduate students experience what it is like to be a professor October, 2010


Miami’s Best Kept Secret: Hot Spots You Won’t See on TV April, 2012

Miami’s Hottest Nightclubs November, 2011


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I included some of my favorites below:

Natalie Golonka Talks about Rihanna Wearing her Bikini Line! August, 2012

Nike Gets Creative in New Ad Campaign! July, 2012

9 Remakes of Iconic Covers Over the Years! July, 2012

Rappers Love their Givenchy Print Tees! July, 2012

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Matt Kemp, Hayden Panettiere & More Glam Up the 2012 ESPYs! July, 2012


Captains’ Club put up a good fight but fall to Hurricane Coaches October, 2012

Day 1 Recap October, 2012

Day 2 Recap October, 2012

Championship game October, 2012

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